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The Power of Awards

The Power of Awards

Rob Millar, Founder and CEO of hybrid CX agency Comotion, talks about the importance of recognising success. Whilst awards might sometimes seem like a distraction or an appeal to vanity, Rob argues they an essential part of embedding cultural change within an organisation, and that planning how you will recognise success should be a key component of your execution strategy.

ChairExpertSpeaker    by Rob Millar, Managing Director, Comotion

We were recently shortlisted for a major Financial Services Award under the Innovation category for a piece of work we have been running with a major commercial bank. The project has focused on building an aggressive piloting framework, whereby we take can take an idea from index card to pilot with a live client in six weeks, in a business that would normally take many months to do the work. The outputs have been notable in a number of ways:

- Operationally, we have a process that is now in its third iteration where several hundred ideas have been whittled down to six concepts, three of which have launched with clients and two of which are in process
- Financially, we are on track to hit targets, having generated seven figure revenues within the first few months of the year
- Culturally, we have seen a massive change in behaviours of staff involved in the programme in terms of collaboration, speed of action, ability to make decisions and creativity in problem solving

This is all great, so why do we feel the need to nominate the project for an award? Is this a narcissistic pursuit of pure self-congratulation and back slapping?

No. We have a deliberate focus on awards as a key element of our work for a number of reasons:

1. Giving credit where credit is due

- Within the client, there have been a lot of people working long hours that often do not get the credit at the executive level. Awards are a great way to boost self-esteem, inject additional energy and enthusiasm into the programme, and maintain momentum.

2. Enhancing the programme inside the organisation

- Although successful in its own right, there is an ongoing need to build a coalition of the willing within the business. The award is a great piece of internal PR to gain exposure to senior executives and front line staff that may not be aware of the work that has been undertaken.

3. Building the external brand in the market

- Awards are also a great tool to build the external brand. Being able to stand in front of industry peers will not only gain a large amount of free press, but also grows the brand and helps to attract new talent.

4. Creating heros:

- A key focus of our work is not just in making the businesses famous but also helping build the careers of those involved. Being able to add awards to a CV is important for professional progress and so we are keen to help our clients become heroes in order to accelerate their career paths.

5. Having an excuse for a bit of fun:

- Finally, there is a critical point about the importance of fun in the workplace – win or lose, the opportunity to show the human side of work whilst doing something enjoyable is a much better way of building long-term partnerships and friendships.

Awards are a key part of the cultural change programme within any business. The best initiatives of this nature proactively plan awards as a key milestone. If you trust that your programme will deliver the results then think ahead about how you’ll celebrate that success.

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