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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service Across the Generations

It’s often said that there is no ‘typical’ customer, and that a one-size-fits-all approach to the customer experience is doomed to fail. Here, Anna Liotta, Managing Director at CX-specialists Resultance, tell us why thinking generationally is essential when it comes to designing customer experiences that work for all your customers. Read More

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Touchpoint Marketing: Effective Strategies for an Omnichannel Future

As omnichannel models proliferate, so do the points of customer interaction and the marketing and customer experience opportunities that go with these. Here Adobe, global digital marketing experts and sponsors of the 20:20 Customer Experience Summit, talk about the emerging ‘touchpoint marketing’ model, and how it can help your business negotiate an increasingly complex commercial landscape. Read More

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Your B2B Customer Journey is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

John Hinder, digital consultant and former Head of Digital at Royal London and Martin Currie, explores ways you can elevate your B2B customer experience with an effective channel strategy, a single view of the customer and impactful content marketing.Read More

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Don’t Talk About the Multichannel Bank of the Future – It’s Already Here

The Financial Services industry has spent much of the past five years imagining what the bank of the future will look like. Marketing expert Yann Gourvennec believes this future focus leads to too much emphasis on tomorrow and not enough on today. In this challenging and thought-provoking article, Yann tells us why existing technologies and enthusiastic customer adoption mean that the bank of the future should in fact be the bank of today. Read More

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20 best moments from the Summit (part 2)

Following on from last week, here is part 2 of our conference roundup. Read More

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20 best moments from the Summit (part 1)

With the dust now settled after this year’s Summit, we’ve put together a list of the 20 key moments and takeaways from the event.Read More

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Digitisation in banking | Interview with Brett King

We caught up with Brett King – Founder and CEO of digital bank, Moven – and got the low down on the main challenges and opportunities facing the banking industry in becoming digitised.Read More

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Customer service for the millennials: a Gen Y-friendly customer experience

80 million Millennial generation customers (also known as Gen Y) are about to hit service providers with a wallet force larger than that of the baby boom. Are you prepared or is this a disaster waiting to happen?Read More

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Social Media – thorn in your side or valuable customer experience insight?

While the vast majority of organisations recognise the huge impact social media has had on their business, and the way it interacts with customers, many are yet to clearly define how best to deal with it.Read More

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Why social media is your secret weapon in customer service

Technology is transforming how modern entrepreneurs stay connected to their business, their team and their industry. Learn more about the cutting edge tools and thinking allowing innovators to stay ahead of the trends.Read More

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How to convert leads with social media

Other companies are converting leads with social media. Trust that you can too with these top tips!Read More

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The right way to do omnichannel

The key to a good omnichannel strategy is to only use it when it can enhance what you are already doing, in a way that creates a more seamless and frictionless experience. Read More

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