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The Expert View: Best Customer Experience of 2015

With customer experience now firmly entrenched in the management landscape, and a new year dawning, we asked some of the Network’s resident experts to tell us about their best (and worst) experiences of 2015.Read More

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Exclusive Infographic – the What, Why and How of CX Metrics

Knowing what and how to measure remains a big challenge in customer experience. As such we decided to use mobile polling to pick the brains of the expert speakers and delegates at our recent 20:20 Customer Experience Summit on the ins and outs of measuring CX. See what they had to say in this infographic below!Read More

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When B2B and B2C Key Performance Metrics Flatline….

Continuing with our theme of CX metrics, Michael Lowenstein, Thought Leadership Principal at Beyond Philosophy makes the case for moving beyond single-figure measurements into a more sophisticated model incorporating customer sentiments, granularity, and actionability. Read More

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Test Your Organisation’s CX Maturity

Here Prof. Alan Wilson of the University of Strathclyde Business School outlines the new framework he has developed alongside representatives of DHL, Ovum and Gallop to test your organisation’s customer experience maturity. CX maturity auditing promises to contribute to the robustness of your CX change programmes by identifying key blockers, and gaps between aims and execution.Read More

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20 best moments from the Summit (part 2)

Following on from last week, here is part 2 of our conference roundup. Read More

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20 best moments from the Summit (part 1)

With the dust now settled after this year’s Summit, we’ve put together a list of the 20 key moments and takeaways from the event.Read More

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Are you relating to your customer at all levels?

Customer centricity is more than a focus on getting process, people and technology customer focused internally but fundamentally, it must align the organisation at all levels to connect, collect and retain customers in a highly competitive world. Read More

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Are you drawing customers in, or driving them away?

There is a fine line when it comes to tracking customer behaviour. Read what not to do with your customers data or run the risk of overstepping the mark into customer invasion. Read More

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Midata – Don’t just comply. Get business advantage

Learn more about gaining the upper-hand with MiData – a government initiative which calls for regulated businesses to return to customers the data they hold about them. Read More

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The big data rush in insurance

Big data, unstructured data, high performance analytics. The big buzzwords but unlike some corporate bombast, this discourse signifies deep and transformative change for the insurance industry. Read More

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Gaining customer insight

David Williams, managing director, underwriting, AXA Commercial Lines, delivered some uncomfortable truths at our recent Customer Experience in Financial Services conference, where he explained how insurance has operated in the past with profits, not customers, taking centre stage.Read More

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Is big data a potential distraction?

Adrian Swinscoe kicks off our big data debate with a controversial angle. Read about the threat of big data on your organisation. Read More

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