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20 best moments from the Summit (part 2)

Following on from last week, here is part 2 of our conference roundup. Read More

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20 best moments from the Summit (part 1)

With the dust now settled after this year’s Summit, we’ve put together a list of the 20 key moments and takeaways from the event.Read More

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Beat the competition through emotional connections

Greater competition has forced FS firms to take a hard look at themselves. Many have come to realise that the crucial ingredient that had been missing in their recipe for success is true customer-orientation. Read More

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Crazy, Stupid Love

I love you, Gas Bill. Run away with me, Delivery Driver. Soothe my fears, 5p Off Baked Beans Coupon. Emotions are powerful things, but they’re not always the most important part of an experience. Read More

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Shep Hyken’s top two elements for building an emotional connection

Shep Hyken, customer service expert and bestselling author, spills the beans on two elements guaranteed to build an emotional connection with your customers and ensure you stay their number one choice.Read More


Maximizing the value of a retail loyalty program

With new products and initiatives to meet rapidly shifting consumer preferences as well as new technology that continues blurring the lines among social, mobile, CRM and loyalty programs. Is there still a role for the traditional published loyalty program?Read More

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Are you earning customer loyalty, or are you buying it?

Having loyal customers is fundamental to the long-term success of a business. But how do we deal with the numerous studies that have been done that show that loyalty amongst customers is decreasing? Read More

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The fatal flaw of loyalty programs

The average American belongs to 18 different loyalty programs, and yet 77% of loyalty programs that focus on awards alone are failing within the first two years. The root of this problem is that there’s a big difference between human loyalty and corporate loyalty.Read More

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Building true customer loyalty, one customer at a time

Stop fiddling with your pricing, stop tinkering with your technology and stop fishing for likes on Facebook. Start engaging with your customers one on one: Checking on them, hearing what they have to say, letting them know that their business matters to you, and that they matter to you.Read More

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